Air Shipments

Known in the market as a specialized company in this important and delicate modal, MM Global counts with a team focused on finding the best air freight logistics for each specific market.

Sea Shipments

MM Global deals only with the world’s best shipping companies. Global coverage, serving from/to ports from all continents, MM Global certainly has the best benefits to its customer’s business.

Road Shipments

Whether for export or import in South America or as a local complement to sea or air shipments, MM Global Logistics will offer the best in the road service.

Customer Clearance

This important stage of the international logistic process is coordinated with great responsibility and seriousness by MM Global in Partnership with the best local companies.

Internacional Insurance

Our international insurance covers shipments by sea, air, road, rail as well as courier services. All Risk Coverage provides extensive protection against damage or loss due to external factors.

Purchase Order Management

PO Management is part of our services and it provides your business supply chain solutions. We help you identify, manage, measure and monitor risks in the supply chain area.